Bienvenid@ a Work and Play

Welcome to the Work and Play Member Site! Here you will schedule times to work from the coworking space, sign up for babysitting slots, reserve conference or phone rooms, and learn more about other Work and Play community members. 

A quick introduction for using this site:

To Reserve a seat in the office space, schedule a Babysitting Session or Book a conference or phone room: Click on "Space Resources," by clicking on "Work and Play" on the top menu bar. 

Update your Profile: Add a photo, include your website and social media links, tell us more about you, and update your settings. This member site is private and for members only. Making your settings public to our community can aide in networking and collaboration. 

Learn more about other members of Work and Play: Browse through the directory to learn more about other community members. 

Report a Problem or Make a Suggestion: Have an idea that can improve our community or are space? Need to report a problem? Want to post a question or as for a referral from other members? Visit the Help section by clicking on "Work and Play" on the top menu bar.